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Please, come and be our guest. 

Heavens Helpers Closet (701) will be having open shopping hours, however there is a limit to one visit a month. No need to call for an appointment. If the store hours do not work for you, please give Heavens Helpers Closet (701) a call and we would be happy to find another time to work with you. Please be prepared to show a picture ID for your appointment.

All items in the closet have been donated and are at no cost to you and your family.  Please call the store at (701) 751-1468 or message us on Facebook with any questions.

We need the questions below answered when you come in to shop.

Questions include:

  • What is the best phone number to reach you at?

  • How many family members will be shopping with you?

  • What sizes of items you are in need of?

What Your Visit Will Look Like

Every Visit: 

  • You will be required to show a picture ID when you check in for your appointment. 

  • The 701 will welcome you once a month to shop.

  • If you are in need of prayer, or someone to talk to, we would love to visit and listen.

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