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Thank YOU for saying “YES” to help our ministry with your gifts.  

Our ministry's purpose is to bridge the gap between those who have beautiful items to give and find those who are in need.  All items are free to the guests. In preparing your items at home, please know they may immediately go to those in need.

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Donations are by appointment only. 

Please call us at (701) 751-1468 to set up your appointment.

No dumping is allowed outside of our building at any time.  We are a ministry that asks our donors to be a part of the giving process.  If you don’t have the time for a scheduled appointment to help get your donation items processed, please consider another ministry for your gifts.  If you only have new items to give, we are open for you to drop them off during our store hours, please call to let us know when you are coming.  Most new items require no processing time so they can be left with one of our volunteers.  


Our guests do not always have access to a washer and dryer. Heavens Helpers Closet (701) would like to see every child and adult have clean, wrinkle-free, and beautiful smelling clothing. 

Before you donate, please follow the guide below:

  • You must have an appointment to drop off your freshly laundered donations.

  • Bring your items sorted by size, in a laundry basket, tub, or clean box. 

    • If laid carefully into a container they seem to stay wrinkle-free. 

    • Please do not bring your items in garbage bags.

  • When arriving at the closet a volunteer will greet you for your scheduled appointment.

  • We DO require you to stay and hang your items, so please allow for extra time.

  • We also offer a hang at-home kit, please contact us for details to help you and us save time! 

What your donation appointment will look like:

Heavens Helpers Closet (701) needs your help in order to ensure your gift of clothing is ready to be used right away. We ask all our donors to be a part of the donation and come in and put their clothing gifts on our 701 hangers and size on our racks in the back room.  As you are preparing your items at home for donation, please check for stains, we only accept stain-free items. Please try to be mindful to only bring items that are in good condition (distressed clothing are in style, we gladly accept those items) because at the 701 we want to give your items as a gift. If an item has tears, loose buttons, or is in need of other repairs, we have willing volunteers to make repairs, so please consider bringing these items.

When donors arrive they will be assigned a station where they will process their items.  If items have wrinkles, please allow for extra time to steam these items.   We will have volunteers to help donors get their items ready for the shopping floor.  

Without your generous gifts of clothing and your time, Heavens Helpers Closet 701 would not be able to serve our community.  Thank you so much for considering this Ministry for your donations.  We are excited to show you the 701 when you arrive. THANK YOU for your donation of items. We appreciate the time taken to prepare them for a new home.

Appointment Guide


Donation Items for Guests

Personal Hygiene

(New Products)

Body Soaps/Body Wash*

Shampoo and Conditioner*

Perfume/Colognes (Accept Used)

Bodysprays (Accept Used)
Shavers/Shaving Cream
New Underwear (in packaging)*
Baby Wipes*
Diaper Cream

Popular items


Carry on suitcases*


Watches (working)
Earrings (on cards only)

* = Most Needed Items


0-24 Month Clothing*

2 Toddler-5 Toddler Clothing*
4-6X Children Clothing*
7-14 Youth Clothing*
Men's/Women's Clothing

Plus Size Clothing*
Clothing for current season (all sizes)
Winter Hats and Mittens*
Bras/Sports Bras*
Winter Coats*
Bibs/Burp Clothes
Car Seat Covers
Tennis Shoes
In Season Shoes

Home Items (Must be Washable)


Infant Blankets

Sheet Sets (Complete Sets Only)
New Bed pillows*
Bedspreads/Comforters (no dry clean only)
Shower Curtains
Towels/Hand/Wash Clothes
Bath Rugs
Mattress Pads 

* = Most Needed Items

Please Do Not Bring

Used Hosiery

Used Underwear

Clothing items with broken zippers

Clothing items with stains

Missing Sheet sets

Toys/Books/Stuffed Animals

VHS Tapes/DVD/B-Rays

Decorative items

Art Work/Picture Frames

Used Socks

Dry Cleaned Items

Men's ties, dress pants, and suits

Keep in Mind

We do have volunteers that are willing to do repairs on some clothing items.  If you have items that you think would be a small repair, please bring and we will check. 


Laundry Soap
Fabric Softener
Stain Remover
Clorox Wipes

Baby Wipes
4x6 Sticky Notes
Hand Soap
Dawn Dish Soap

Distilled Water

Donation Items for the Ministry
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